Rotary in Poland

Since 01 July 2016 Poland has constituted District 2231. The district comprises 80 Rotary clubs with a total of 1800 members (as of 01 July 2016).

The history of District 2231

District 2230
The inauguration of District 2230 was held in Warsaw in 1997 with the participation of the President Elect of Rotary International, Rtn James Lacy.  It was the first post World War II Rotary district in the countries of Eastern Europe. It comprised 47 Polish clubs, and its first governor was Rtn Bohdan Kurowski of RC Olsztyn. Earlier, Polish Rotary clubs belonged to the Swedish district 2390 and were supervised by Rtn Gunnar Fjellander, a special representative of RI President. In 1999, during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Rotary's return to Hungary with the participation of RI President, Rtn Carlo Ravizza, a decision was made to join the clubs of Ukraine and Belarus to District 2230. An agreement in this regard was signed by Rtn Bohdan Kurowski and Rtn Miroslav Gavryliv.
The first governor of the enlarged district was Rtn Ryszard Kaszuba-Krzepicki of RC Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia, and the first governor from Ukraine was Rtn Pavlo Kashkadamov.
Over the years, the number of clubs and Rotarians was growing and the district became too large, especially for the governors, who, in accordance with the regulations of Rotary, should visit each club at least once a year. Great District 2230 covered the territory of more than 1.1 million km2, and the distances between the furthest located clubs exceeded 2 thousand kilometers. Hence, attempts to divide the district, made as early as in 2008, ended successfully only in 2013, when a decision of the Council of Directors of Rotary International in this respect was adopted.
The last Governor of the District, also the first woman performing this function, was Ms. Barbara Pawlisz of RC Sopot International, who closed the District?s operations in June 2016. At the time of the division, the District had already grown to 130 clubs, 80 of which were in Poland. In accordance with the regulations of Rotary International, as a result of the division the new districts were assigned the following numbers:  2231 - Poland, and 2232 - Belarus and Ukraine.
Rtn Krzysztof Kopycinski of RC Bydgoszcz was elected the first Governor of Polish District 2231, and Rtn Gennady Kroichyk of RC Lviv of District 2232.

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Dr Tadeusz Płuziński PDG

Dr Tadeusz Płuziński PDG

The Organising Committee Chair

The Youth Exchange Program is the most fascinating opportunity among the Rotary worldwide activities.
All participants of it will surely agree.
I have started my adventure with the YEP over 25 years ago.
I was lucky to meet Krzysztof Kopycinski in 1993, the current Governor of D2231.
We immediately developed a common area of understanding and co-operation.
Our common work was always creative and fruitful. Even before the official creation of a district we commonly organized orientation camps and other meetings for exchange students  under the regulations of YEP RI. When I was the 2230 District Governor (2008/9/10) (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus) the Polish part of it was granted a certificate allowing conduction of the YEP. By that time I appointed Krzysztof to be the head of the Youth Exchange Committee.
Krzysztof has been developing our activities on the YE field so well that we were granted an offer to organize The EEMA conference in Warsaw in 2017. Currently he is a governor of D.2231 (separated from D.2230) and covering the area of Poland.
I actively participated in 7 Preconvention Meetings and a few EEMAs.
Recently our representative at these meetings was Irena Solecka-Szpejda, well known among the Youth Exchange Officers from around the World.
Myself and Krzysztof do our best to continue and develop our achievements on this field. We are happy to stand hand in hand as organizers of the LXV EEMA in Warsaw.
We are delighted to invite all of you interested in working with youths to participate in our event.
We will do our best to make the conference successful, friendly and attractive to all the participants.

Krzysztof Kopyciński  IPDG

Krzysztof Kopyciński IPDG

Conference Chair

I am deeply convinced that the Youth Exchange Programs are the most significant and beneficial for the future of Rotary.
I have been engaged for many years in this activity and I know that thanks to our organization thousands of students from all over the world have opportunity to gain something fascinating and unique what will benefit for the rest of their life.
The effects of youth exchange which I have observed for years in the attitude and career of our Alumni's motivate me to even greater commitment in Rotary programs in the purpose of building a better world for the next generations.
We will achieve the values like peace, responsibility and leadership during our hard work with the young people who will build the future of humanity.

Łukasz Grochowski

Łukasz Grochowski

Governor Elect 2018/2019

My adventure with Rotary began 27 years ago with the announcement about Youth Exchange Programme posted in my high school. Thrilled about this opportunity I eagerly filled the application form choosing Swaziland as my first preference country and... did not make it to the interview because I forgot where it was  :-) So I has never had a chance to experience YEP as the participant but instead I got interested in Rotary  - in  1991 I became a rotaractor and 15 years later I joint Rotary. And I have always valued YEP highly as the best Rotary initiative ever.